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    Extended Sessions

    To accomodate couples’ busy schedules, I offer Extended Sessions for Couples. You will be asked to complete an online assessment prior to the session so I can be familiar with the issues you are presenting. Extended Sessions are 4 hours in length and are appropriate for couples who wish to jumpstart their therapy, or for couples in crisis who need more than the traditional hour.

    Does my insurance cover extended or marathon sessions?

    Typically, insurance may cover one hour of the extended session.

    Who may not be a candidate for Extended Sessions?

    Couples who are experiencing domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction, or serious mental health problems may not be candidates for this type of work. Couples who have already decided to leave their relationship and are not committed to working on it are not appropriate for longer sessions. In these cases, individual therapy is recommended and any couples work must be well coordinated with the individual therapy.

    How much does it cost?

    For rates, please contact me directly at 262-221-3971.